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My Background

Hello Ladies,

My name is Natalie, I'm from Malta, and I have been a Professional Massage Therapist since 2006. Wow time fly's!!!


Whilst perusing my passion within this holistic therapeutic study that I have indulged and found my love for,  I have managed to cultivate more profound techniques that developed my understanding within the healing of our amazing temple we call "our body".   


I truly believe in the quote that " Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain" - Carl Jung.


Along with my efforts to ensure, Wellness Revived offers an opportunity to reach a fulfilled Mind, Body and Spirit balance to all my clients, I also wish to provide services that benefit a healthy life style with a revived soul. 

My holistic approach focuses on a continuous improvement path to allow myself to offer the best methods to my clients.  I am truly fascinated with the results and feedback that I have had from my clients.  This is why I am driven to continuously seek more innovative spiritual and holistic methods and techniques. 

With Love and Light


NB: I only treat women.


My Biography

Natalie is a licensed massage therapist who has a thriving interest in helping people reach their health and healing goals. Using holistic approaches to her work, She fully attends to each client needs, beautifully interweaving clear presence with practiced skill. Whether you desire a deeply indulgent massage, work on long term injuries that could be physical or emotional trauma, or prenatal treatments, she is able to meet you where you are on your journey. Natalie is an experienced Biomagnetism practitioner who welcomes you into her ambition in reviving wellness for you.

My Approach

After listening to my client's health needs, a proposed treatement will be given. Such treatment will be explained step by step, so the client is comfortable with what it's suggested.  Aftercare will be given so the treatment will last longer.

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