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I was referred to Natalie from my personal trainer as I was experiencing deep shoulder pain that was starting to become upsetting to handle the pain everyday.  After some deep tissue massages on the area, i started to get better.  The massages were paired with Cupping, that also helped.  It took around 8 sessions for my shoulders to be healed.


Natalie is an all rounder when it comes to health and well being issues.  She is proficient when it comes to food, exercise and alternative ways to make one feel better.  Due to her kind nature, she empaths with clients to determine which kind of treatment best suits one's issues or needs.  Natalie goes the extra mile to make you feel cherished and well cared for while doing a professional job.  She is always on the lookout for new ways to care for others.  I highly recommend her servcies since she always manages to make one feel better both physically and emotionally.


Manual Lymphatic Massage:  I had a couple of lymphatic massages done with Natalie and the one that was definitely most helpful was the one when I was stopping breastfeeding but the milk was still being produced.  Natalie recommended to perform a lymphatic massage that it might stop the milk production and the discomfort that I was expecting and it really worked!! Imagine the relief!  Definitely recommend it to all mommies experiencing the same difficulties.


Having persisting back and neck problems, Natalie has been a God sent! I've been booking massages from Natalie for years and honestly I don't know what I would do without her.  She can quickly adapt to make sure each massage is given tailor made to my needs. Looking forward to be able to book again soon!!


Deep Tissue Massage: I had a number of deep tissue massages done with Natalie.  I like her technique very much.  She is firm, but sensitive.  She goes deeply in the tissue, which is what I appreciate and what I really need.  I have a toddler so you can imagine that I need a 'proper' massage to help me with the 'damage' done with all the straining I'm doing by carrying my son.  Definitely recommend this massage to anyone who is in great pain and need help.


Immediately on meeting Natalie, you know that she has an approach to healing that comes from intuition and her heart. Her radiant smile and softly spoken words speak volumes and your faith in her is complete. I have had massages where she instinctively knows where, and how to be most effective. Even once when I was in a lot of pain, she took time to.evaluate before she applied her skills. Equally, I have had a Reiki session whereby her holistic approach identifies where you are most in need, that you, yourself may not even be aware. Natalie has used her time wisely and over many years perfected each of her skills, expanding her knowledge in different areas and tailoring them to the individuals needs.


Natalie is my one and only go-to person for treating my back and neck stiffness.  Her back massage is amazing and I always walk out feeling revived.  On a personal level, Natalie is very professional, knowledgeable and talented.  She spends time listening to my concerns and addresses them.. Five Star Service :)


I met Natalie about 3 years ago when I moved to Malta & I have been using her services ever since.  I train quite intensely so deep tissue massages are part of my monthly routine.  She is very knowledgeable in her field & professional.  I highly recommend her.


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