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  • Your time at Wellness Revived is precious, and you should delight in the experience to the fullest. Please be sure to tell me if there is anything I can do to enhance your experience. Whether it is in-room temperature, amount of light in the room, the amount of massage pressure or the music volume, please communicate your preferences or special needs.

  • Make the most of your experience! My goal is to ensure you fully enjoy your time that you have assigned to heal yourself. Please arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself time to check-in, complete or update necessary therapy forms, unwind, and start your treatment relaxed and on time.

  • In most of the treatments, almond oil, or soy bean and wheatgerm oil are used.  Please let make sure you let me know if you are allergic to such oils.

  • Sometimes circumstances prevent you from arriving on time. Please contact me if you are running late. I will try to reschedule or adjust your appointment. If rescheduling or appointment adjustment is not possible, your treatment time will start and end as scheduled so that the next guest may enjoy their treatment. (Full charges will apply).

  • Whilst I will provide therapy to anyone above the age the 10 years, anyone under the age of 18 years must be       accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Prove of identity will be required and a doctor’s note with stamp and signature confirming parenthood or legal responsibility for the minor must be provided also stating reason for treatment.​

  • Any physical ailments including cardiac problems, epilepsy, cancer or diabetes. Should you be affected by any of the aforementioned conditions, please consult with a physician prior to your visit, as medical permission may be required. This is also valid if you recently had any type of surgeries.  Please ensure to inform me of any conditions that may impact the therapies you have booked. 

  • If you are seeking treatment under a doctor’s advice, kindly provide a doctor’s referral note explaining the reason for treatment.​

  • In case of a major operation, I will not apply therapy around the scar tissue unless 2 years have passed  - 6 months in case of a minor operation.​

  • In case of a fracture 3 months must have passed so that I can perform therapy on the interested area.​

  • I won’t perform therapy on anyone who comes ill, with a fever or with any type of infection or is on an antibiotic course. Reasons being: (1) Therapeutic  Massage therapy may inadvertently spread an infection. (2) Out of respect to other clients that would come after an ill client. (3) I do not wish to fall ill as well.​

  • You are required to come to your therapy session washed and clean.​

  • When making an appointment, I will ask you if you have any conditions that may be a contraindication to treatment.  It is in your responsibility to be honest in your replies .​

  • Wellness Revived reserves the right to refuse therapy to any individual(s): (a 50% charge of the full cost of the booked session will still apply):

    • Under the influence of mind-altering substances including recreational drugs and alcohol. Massage therapy may adversely influence these substances which may affect your system for several hours.

    • Acting disrespectful, obnoxious or rude towards therapist, members or guests.

    • Resorting to discriminatory actions or sexual advancements in a verbal or non-verbal manner.

    • For Biomagnetism Therapy treatments; pregnant women, people with insulin pumps, pacemakers or other installed electronic devices, and how have done chemotherapy.  Such circumstances are contraindicated for this treatment.

  • That do not comply with the policies and procedures listed here.

  • Although I would love to be of service to everyone, our equipment has a weight limit of 175Kg.  This means that I will not be able to give therapy to persons weighing more than such weight. Sincere apologies for this inconvenience.  

  • Before each treatment, a consultation form is provided to the client so they can fill in their details related to their personalized treatment.  Such information is kept strictly confidential, in a locked facility for no longer then one year, unless the client wishes to track progress leaving therapeutically information for Wellness Revive to work from. Personal information won't be shared with anyone.

  • For precautionary reasons only female clients will only be accepted for massage treatments.



Thanks for your cooperation

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