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Biomagnetism Therapy

Balancing the body's pH through magnets & much more!

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 50 euros

Service Description

It’s a scientific and therapeutic approach that is compatible with any other traditional and/or alternative therapies. With the aid of proper placement of both North and South polarities, the body is added to reach a state of natural health known as ‘homeostasis’. This will regulate the body’s pH and thus it will stimulate: • Normal immune system function • Increased circulation • Increased oxygenation • Normalizing response to inflammation • Many more positive effects of the body Also known as the Biomagnetic Pair, it was discovered by medical doctor Isaac Goiz in Mexico City, Mexico in 1988. The BMP (BioMagnetic Pair) studies, detects, classifies, measures and allows the correction of pH imbalances in living organisms. By re-establishing the natural pH balance of the body, different microorganisms such as virus, fungi, bacteria and parasites can be kept under control by our renewed natural defences. By applying these BMP at specific locations of the body, the reestablishment of the proper pH is permitted in that area, and when present, pathogens cannot survive in this pH environment. Cells become healthy and the body starts healing itself. Finally, the healing process occurs when the pH is balanced and reaches its optimal level that determines the well-being of the person, which before the therapy was altered by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that distorted the levels of acidity and alkalinity (pH) of the organs. This is what sustains the bio-energetic phenomenon. Traditionally, biomagnetism has been used when concerned with conditions such as: * Allergies * Anaemia * Asthma * Sinusitis * Lyme disease * Acne * Psoriasis * Migraines * HIV * Aids * Arrhythmia * Diabetes * Flu * Chronic Fatigue * Herpes * Fibromyalgia * Alzheimer’s * Carpel Tunnel * Chronic Pain * Sciatica * Gastritis * Reflux * Ulcerative colitis * Crohn’s disease * Cancer * Back Pain * Arthritis * Rheumatism * Varicose Veins * Poor Circulation * Digestive Disorders * Pulmonary Disorders * Skin Disorders * Fungus * Parasites * PMS * Menopause and PMS Symptoms * Glandular Dysfunctions * Adrenal Fatigue * Stress * Heartburn * Parkinson’s * High Cholesterol * Impotency * Hepatitis * Sexual disorders * Infertility * Low Libido * Meningitis * Tendonitis * Tennis Elbow * pH Unbalance * Ulcers * Depression * Anxiety * Emotional Issues * Autism * Attention Deficit Disorder * Energetic Unbalances * and many others….

Contact Details

  • Triq tax-Xarolla, Attard, Malta

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You can also book by contact us on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp on 99801335.  Looking forward to see you!

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