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MediCupping VacuTherapy

Bodywork that uses suction to lift tissues as the cup moves.

  • 30 min
  • Depends on duration

Service Description

Every injury, illness, surgery, and even the toxic substances that the body has been exposed to from conception forward may still be present in the tissues. The body is brilliant in its efforts to protect itself from the effects of personal history, yet the capacity is limited. The body has to store that which it cannot process and eliminate. The result is an accumulation of materials such as old medications, inflammatory agents, cellular wastes, and acids in stagnant lymph fluid. MediCupping VacuTherapy is a type of bodywork that uses suction to lift tissues as the cup moves. This suction can help with problems in the lymphatic system, scar tissue restrictions, general inflammation, and relieving chronic pain conditions. It can be more effective in restoring restricted tissues of the body by lifting & separating fused tissue layers (ie. IT Band Syndrome). If your back feels very stiff, cupping therapies will help improve circulation and promote relaxation of those tight areas. The cups are moved & kept active for most of the massage session. Sometimes cups are kept parked for 2-3 minutes on really tight areas to improve areas affected by limited range of movement and trigger points. This can feel better than traditional deep tissue massage with an elbow in the back (and feels better). For a deeper cupping session, the MediCupping VacuTherapy machine is also used to sedate the nervous system with many pain conditions. Using the MediCupping machine, the intensity of the suction is controlled as well as track progress by using the gages on the machine to replicate results for future sessions. Here are some other conditions that MediCupping VacuTherapy can help with: Deep tissue and structural issues – old injuries and chronic movement patterns Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis Scarring – old, new, keloid, post-surgery Loose skin and old deposits from weight loss Lymphoedema – general and post-surgery Fibromyalgia Sports – injuries and post-event conditions Diabetes Cellulite Vascular issues – spider veins and varicosities COPD - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Parkinson’s Disease IBS Acid Reflux Check our Wellness Packages for our 'Beach Thighs' treatments that will help diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Contact Details

  • Triq tax-Xarolla, Attard, Malta

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